Imagine a mansion which has witnessed many important moments of History… You will breath the air that will flow through your window from Topkapı Sarayı, which is just a few minutes away from your room. The excitement you feel is induced by the Aura of Sultan Ahmet Mosque which is close to your room. Wherever you look, you will see traces of Ottoman Empire, wherever you look you are going to feel the soul of Istanbul, wherever you look, you will experience Sultanahmet. How great it is to live in such an environment… In such an atmosphere, where you won’t just ‘live’ in Istanbul, but you will ‘enjoy’ Istanbul.

We welcome you at the heart of a peninsula surrounded in peace, away from the fuss of the city in an atmosphere wrapped in history and culture. Our Hotel is a restored intact of a 19th Century historic mansion which survived to this day, carefully designed for the guests who want not only to ‘live’, but also ‘enjoy’ Istanbul. Celine hotel take its name from the moon goddess Selene, who takes place to be your host for life’s special moments in Sultanahmet, which is known as Istanbul’s evil eye.

Even though we offer all the services required in modern world, you will feel the fascinating world of the past. Celine Hotel is one of the Hotels around Istanbul which is able to offer a real Ottoman architectural style in a boutique Hotel. With every step you take in Celine, you will be taken somewhere in the past. Celine lies in the first part of the seven hills of Istanbul, Sultanahmet… Sultanahmet, The historical peninsula which Istanbul took its first breath is a part of the ancient mythological place called “Dersaadet” in other words “the door to happiness.” Celine lies in the heart of Istanbul’s monumental marvels to behold.

The ottoman architectural style which had influenced the decoration techniques and architecture of medieval times is the central theme in our hotel. All details in the Hotel adorned by the characteristic color of the Ottoman nobility Brown, and all the details in Hotel crafted with a strong influence of the nostalgic past. Ottoman period belt buckles, brackets, textile designs, jewelry, ritual symbols and much more… The Celine inspired décor: Dignified, flashy, so naive, but so imposing…

We are willing to host and entertain our guests who want to truly experience Istanbul and its atmosphere. Dersaadet, in other words Celine, is open for everyone.