The Celine is located at Istanbul’s historic center, and moreover, it is part of the city’s immaculate cultural legacy. Built in a totally renovated antique mansion, the hotel has a magnificent location at an tranquil, old Istanbul street, just steps away from major attractions such as the Blue Mosque, or the Topkapi Palace. The street takes its name from the “Peyks”, the legendary élite runners of the Ottoman army, who were said to be capable to cover over 90 miles a day on their enduring legs at a running pace. In close proximity to the Topkapi Palace and Janissary barracks, the street once served as headquarters area for Peyks. The hotel takes its name from Celini, the moon goddess, for it is said that no other city presents a more blessed sight than Istanbul, under the “mehtap”, the poetic name given to moonlight by the locals. Your stay in Celine Hotel will provide you with a unique experience. You would enjoy its close proximity to museums, historical sites, as well as the easy access for public transport connection to modern Istanbul’s vibrant lifestyle centers. Yet, the “Peykhane (Houses of Peyks)” street would give you the chance to enjoy the calm of old Istanbul neighborhoods, where time takes a slower running.